NOW OPEN: La Tribu Rural in South Austin!


Welcome to La Tribu Rural Where the Montessori method and bilingual immersion meet to create independent, capable young minds. We know that the first 6 years are fundamental to your child’s development. It is during that time that his brain will fully develop and make all the connections that will determine who he’s going to be for the rest of his life. Because of that, it is precisely during this time when we can make a real difference. We want to make sure that they grow up to be healthy, wholesome individuals, who love themselves and respect others, show empathy and be creative problem solvers as well as they will achieve multicultural understanding, world-mindedness, confidence, and independence. We also encourage them to be Individuals who appreciate life, their environment and respect Mother Earth. This is why it is so critical to make smart decisions when we are choosing an education for this sensitive period of their lives.


A full immersion program is an effective way of learning a language, but it is only as effective as the exposure and support the child receives at home. At La Tribu Rural we provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn a second language in a natural environment before the developmental window for language acquisition closes. Increasingly, research indicates that learning a second language has innumerable benefits for a child’s brain development. It increases creativity, enhances verbal and mathematical problem-solving skills, and develops an advantage in grasping and formulating concepts. These skills contribute profoundly to a child’s self-esteem and sense of value. Best of all, it prepares a child for life in the multi-cultural, multilingual world of the 21st century. La Tribu Rural should not be relied upon as the sole means of teaching Spanish to children; rather, the school should be viewed as a partner in helping children whether your goal is for them to gain native fluency, be bilingual or learn a second language.

Early Childhood Goals  

  1.    To provide an environment in which curiosity and the joy of discovery and understanding motivates learning.

  2. A place where children are encouraged to learn to question, to become involved, to live and work together, and to learn by helping one another.

  3.    To provide an atmosphere which frees the child’s potential for self development.

  4.    To help the child discover the joys of intellectual and artistic endeavor, and to grow through activities that stimulate and fulfill individual abilities.

  5.    To provide an extended family that will enhance the well-being of the community.

  6.    Foster learning and usage of the Spanish language.

  7.    Share Latino culture through language and traditions

Our curriculum is based on the Montessori philosophy, our classrooms are designed by experienced Montessori guides and we use Montessori materials. We are not licensed by any Montessori association but our lead teachers are trained in the Montessori method. We call ourselves “Montessori Inspired” because we give ourselves room to explore other alternative educational philosophies or methods such as Waldorf pedagogy.  

At the core of everything we do at La Tribu Rural is kindness. Our motto is to respect the child’s times and interests while learning, not underestimating the child and its abilities and giving them freedom within limits. La Tribu’s Spanish immersion program immerses the child in a second language, using it as a tool to teach all subjects, rather than teaching the language in isolation as one of many other curriculum subjects. In a language immersion program the second language is generally referred to as the “target language.” At La Tribu we use a bilingual approach, where students are immersed in their second “target” language and English throughout the course of their day. In this balanced immersion approach, all class activities and subjects are conducted in the target language and in English. We apply a heuristic approach to learning; the children express themselves through art, music, cooking, gardening, dance, science, pretend play, practical life activities, storytelling, etc.

Carolina Peredo and Daniela Ruiz - Co-Founders

Carolina Peredo and Daniela Ruiz - Co-Founders

La Tribu began as a passion project. In 2015, we, as parents, faced a dilemma: how do we choose between Montessori education and Spanish immersion for our children? We wanted to have both of the best worlds and through our research, we discovered that the Montessori method was actually highly compatible with a language program and provided an incredible context in which to implement an immersion system. 

After four years of creating our own curriculum, researching different experiences and learning from the best, we developed a very unique pedagogy of our own. Our system combines Montessori general philosophy towards childhood development with several other key components: academics and socio-emotional management; Walford concepts that establish daily rhythms in our classrooms; a mindfulness program; and a strong Spanish immersion program that consists of our original cultural curriculum. While we are incredibly proud of what we have created, we know that there is always room for more and we are eager to pursue new horizons!

La Tribu Rural is now open and enrolling. This new school will maintain everything we established in the formation of La Tribu Preschool and incorporate the values of nature exploration and sustainability. We are happy to announce that we are the new owners of a 1.5 acre campus on 9000 Manchaca Road, where we will develop a rural-inspired school: La Tribu Rural. 

We are committed to continue all our priorities - such as developing community, empathy, independence, high academic standards and strong socio-emotional connections - within our Tribe of students and their parents. Come along with us on the next chapter of our journey!

See what parents are saying about our school:

“I was so excited to find a school that combined Spanish immersion with Montessori in La Tribu. My son has learned so much independence from school. He is fully bilingual now, regularly speaking Spanish whenever his abuelos visit and easily code switching when talking to me and his dad. - Peggy L

“I have toured so many pre-schools and this one was, far and away, the best choice for our family.  The Director is incredible and is never satisfied, always improving the curriculum and experience for students and their families. We don't speak Spanish at home but, thanks to the school, we are learning and my daughter, who has been there for two years, is learning at light speed.  We also feel very welcomed by the other families that are native speakers. The guides are warm and knowledgeable, friendly and loving. ” - Marrilee A

“I had three kids and sent them to La Tribu's summer camp because I wanted them to learn Spanish. Well, not only they got a lot of vocabulary during their time there, but also developed a great appreciation for the language through songs, games and interaction with the teachers. But what impressed me the most were the teachers. They are very fun and dynamic. Absolutely engaged and caring about the kids. I haven't seen this level of love and attention in any other school, so I think I found a treasure here. My kids loved each at every day they spent at La Tribu, and I am really satisfied that every dollar we "invested" on this was totally worth it” - Hugo D

“La Tribu is a great place for a child to learn and be a part of something special.  In our experience, the "Tribu" is real. The staff truly care about our daughter's success and well being.  Since starting at La Tribu, we've seen our very dependent daughter transform into an independent problem solver who can work and play alone for periods at a time.  Another great thing she's picked up is the ability (and desire) to socialize with other children.” - Robert W

“My daughter has been enrolled since they opened, and she has really blossomed there. She was very shy when she started, and is so much more outgoing in public now. Her vocabulary has also grown immensely these past few months! We speak Spanish at home and were thrilled to find a Montessori-inspired Spanish immersion preschool in this part of town.  They have also provided additional activities like yoga and soccer, which my daughter has loved”. - Alejandra Z

9000 Manchaca

Austin, TX 78748