Admissions are based on availability of space and determination by the staff and parents that a child is ready. Prospective families are invited to tour the center by making an appointment with our Director to visit the facility and have all your questions answered. 

We do not expect you to drop off your child on the first day of classes and come back to get him 7 hours later, especially if this is their first child care experience. We understand that children (and parents too!) need time to get comfortable in a new place and with new people. This is why we have carefully designed a unique Adaptation Program

The first week all children  will come for increasing amounts of time until they are ready to stay for the full day. We are confident that this slow approach will ease the separation anxiety (in both children and parents) sometimes caused by the start of preschool.  

If you have toured our school and would like to reserve a spot in our program please contact the office to be added to our WAIT LIST. There is a $85 non-refundable fee and a form to fill out to be included in the wait list. Please be advised that being on the wait grants you priority of enrollment once a spot becomes available but does not guarantee a class placement at any particular time. Once you are on our wait list, we recommend that you contact us often (no more than once a month) to check on the availability of a spot.