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The monthly tuition rates  for the 2019-2020 year are as follows:                                      

Other REQUIRED Fees:

Waiting Pool Application Fee: $85            (Non-refundable. This fee DOES NOT guarantee a spot, it gives priority of enrollment once an opening is available)

New Student Enrollment fee: $350              (One time, non-refundable, due upon confirmation of availability from wait list)

Annual Supply Fee: $180                   (Due every September - pro-rated for new students who start after March 1st - non refundable)

Re- Enrollment Fee: $150         (Due every FEBRUARY 15th  - non-refundable)

 Current Student Summer Camp Fee: $50         (Due every FEBRUARY 15th  - non-refundable)

 New Student Summer Camp Fee: $100         ( non-refundable)

10% Sibling Discount: Siblings have priority in our wait list and a 10% tuition discount over full time schedules ONLY. The discount is calculated over the base tuition full time and not over the extended care rates nor over fees.

 We reserve the right to do tuition updates

Payment: personal check (NSF Fee: $35). We don’t accept credit cards.

La Tribu Preschool will be closed on the following holidays:

MLK Day, Spring Break (1 week), Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Holiday (One Week), Winter Break (2 weeks) - We are closed the first week of each month during SUMMER CAMP  - Please ask the office about Summer Camp pricing   

Tuition is not discounted on the basis of Holidays or personal vacations, without exceptions.