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Our program is packed with enriching, child-directed and group activities that will provide children with an opportunity to learn Spanish experientially in an engaging and nurturing environment. La Tribu is a place for your child to explore, play, work, interact and live in Spanish.

We want you to know that when you leave your child in our care, your child will be experiencing their world in an environment that has been designed just for them!

While your child is with us, we want them to feel at home, as if we were an extension of their FAMILIA.  We will encourage your child to be their best self, explore, experience, understand and learn. Through a wide variety of materials, your child will develop the values of cooperation, sharing and respect. 

Co-Founders Carolina Peredo and Daniela Ruiz

Co-Founders Carolina Peredo and Daniela Ruiz

We believe that the best place for a child to be when they are 0 to 3 years old is at home with their family. Because we know this is not always possible, we wanted to create a space where they could feel at home: where they are respected, loved, valued for who they are and accompanied in their growth.

We know that the first 6 years are fundamental to your child’s development. It is during that time that his brain will fully develop and make all the connections that will determine who he’s going to be for the rest of his life. Because of that, it is precisely during this time when we can make a real difference. We want to make sure that they grow up to be healthy, wholesome individuals, who love themselves and respect others, who can think independently, show empathy and are creative problem solvers. Individuals who appreciate life, their environment and respect Mother Earth. This is why, as parents, it is so critical to make smart decisions when we are choosing an education for this sensitive period in our children's lives. 



As Latinas, “la familia” is a core value of our culture. However, we live far away from where we grew up and when we had our own kids it became very clear that we needed to find our TRIBE: a place of belonging. We understand “it takes a village to raise a child” and we strive to be a part of that sacred circle for you and your family, to be able to work together as a community to give your child the very best.

Welcome to La Tribu!

Carolina Peredo & Daniela Ruiz





The purpose of La Tribu is to provide child care in an environment that encourages all children to develop to their fullest potential. We provide high quality early education based on a Montessori inspired curriculum, a Spanish Immersion program based on cultural exploration and a focus on interacting with the nature and taking care of our environment.  We are open between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, from September trough May (except noted Holidays). Our Program Changes in the summer for the Summer Camp and the school is closed up to 4 weeks during the summer. Our facility is licensed to serve 34 children 18 mo - 6yo.

Salon Azul 18mo - 3yo - Young Children Community

Our salon azul has been curated by Margarita Ruiz, from Austin Montessori School


Salon Verde 3yo - 6yo - Children’s House

Our Salon Verde has been curated by Patti Filak, from The Montessori Center.


The center is divided into a toddler classroom ages 18 months to 3 years old and a Primary Classroom 3 - 6yo. We have a stellar playground, and large shaded back porch for after school and extracurricular activities as GARDENING, YOGA, VISUAL ARTS, SOCCER, MUSIC, DANCE and COOKING in Spanish.

For immersion purposes and to get the full benefits of the Montessori curriculum, we recommend enrolling on a full time basis. However, you may also choose to do four times a week. We will make our best effort to accommodate the scheduling needs of our families.


Community garden days, parent education classes, a Book Club, a PTA, are some of the ways that we bring our “Tribu” together.

La Tribu is proud to be the first and only Montessori Spanish Immersion preschool in Austin. As part of our mission, we want to provide tools and resources to educate and strengthen our community. This is why we created our Parent Enrichment Program (PEP), an only for parents space designed to  learn and share important information about the main topics we work with at school: positive discipline, language acquisition, potty training, Montessori philosophy, and so forth. 

The first edition of our PEP was on POSITIVE DISCIPLINE  with Sandy Blackard, founder of Language of Listening. Sandy is a parenting coach and award-winning author. Her publications include SAY WHAT YOU SEE® for Parents and Teachers and a professional guidebook for play therapists, ChildParent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Treatment Manual, co-written with Dr. Sue Bratton, Dr. Theresa Kellam, and her mentor, Dr. Garry Landreth. The session was an eye-opening introduction to her method, to gain insights and simple tools parents can use to change challenging moments with their children into rewarding ones. 

On our second PEP edition we invited Donna Bryant Goertz to talk about "How Montessori can support your parenting: In the Community and at Home".  Confident about the importance of having a consistent approach with children and creating a strong partnership between the school and home, we designed this session for all the parents to discover the benefits the MONTESSORI METHOD has to offer from the first years of life. Montessori pedagogy is not only a respectful parenting tool but is also a life philosophy. Donna Bryant Goertz is an eminence in the field, not only because she directs Austin's most prestigious Montessori school, which she herself founded almost 50 years ago, but also because she raised her own 5 children "the Montessori way". Coming into one of her classrooms is like entering a temple of peace and harmony, where each child is quietly focused on their work, and the spark of curiosity shines bright. 

Stay tuned for more information about following PEP sessions

The benefits of raising bilingual kids: The Critical Period Hypothesis

   “Your brain may actually look and work differently than your monolingual friends”

The fact that language learning involves both types of functions of the brain: the one of the left hemisphere (analytical / logical functions) and the one of the right hemisphere (emotional / social functions) while lateralization develops gradually with age has lead to the critical period hypothesis.

According to this theory, children learn languages more easily because the plasticity of their developing brains lets them use both hemispheres in language acquisition, while in most adults language is lateralized to one hemisphere, usually the left. If this is true, learning a language in childhood may give you a more holistic grasp of its social and emotional contexts.

But regardless of when you acquired additional languages, being multilingual gives your brain remarkable advantages. Some of them are even visible, such as a higher density of the grey matter that contains most of your brain’s neurons and synapses. The workout a bilingual brain receives during its life can also help delay the onset of diseases such as alzheimer and dementia.

The idea of major cognitive benefits to bilingualism seem intuitive now, but it would have surprise earlier experts. Before 1960, bilingualism was considered a handicap, that slowed a child development by forcing them to expend too much energy distinguishing between languages. A view based on flawed studies. And while a more recent study did show that reaction time and errors increase for some bilingual students in cross language test, it also showed that the effort and attention needed to switch between languages triggered more activity in, and potentially strengthened, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.  This is the part of the brain that plays a large role in executive function, problem solving, switching between tasks, and focusing while filtering out relevant information. So while bilingualism may not necessarily make you smarter, it does make your brain more healthy, complex and actively engaged.

Source: The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli


La Tribu is a proud member of the Golestan Colab, a non-profit organization that is supporting  us in creating ideal learning environments for our children by offering consultancy and resources in the following areas: 1) the integration and application of hands-on and experiential learning practices and approaches 2) language immersion and cultural education. Learn more about them

La Tribu works closely with Mi Casa es Tu Casa music program, lead by  local Mompreneur, Laura Bruce. Laura's music classes are a Spanish immersion program that is rich in multiculturalism and also encourages children to build a sense of unity and respect with their peers and their surroundings all through key age-appropriate movements, songs and rhythms that facilitate basic music competence and development. 

We also recommend MamaLingua app, a unique and effective language-learning tool for parents who want to learn or improve their second language skills while also teaching their children.



Back when I was 12 and I asked my mom to please stop sending me to English lessons, I didn’t imagine I would end up moving to the far west, I mean Texas, and forming a bicultural family. Growing up in a town in southern Argentina, surrounded by mountains where to ski and lakes where to camp, the last thing on my mind was to learn a foreign language. 

It wasn’t until I was studying Journalism and Communication that I understood that education -alternative, revolutionary, liberating- has no boundaries. I'm thrilled to have completed a Montessori certificate training for pre-primary (2-6 years old).

I learned that living far away from home makes you value your own culture and identity, that to remember who we are and where we come from helps us know who we want to be and respect others.

I think it is fundamental that everyone, starting in early childhood, could experience the discovery of other cultures. With that in mind I intend to grow a “tribe” with other Austin families with similar mindsets -when it comes to their kids' education. 

I have a fatal attraction to artists, but I don’t belong in that breed. My thing is to plan, problem solve, answer questions, make spreadsheets and create never-ending to do lists. I also love being outdoors and traveling.



Co-Director - Academic Coordinator - Lead Guide

After training as a Montessori Guide for Young Children's Community (from 0 to 3 years old), Casa de los Niños (from 3 to 6 years old) and Elementary (from 6 to 12 years old) at the Montessori del Norte Education Studies Center, Lidia received a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the Pedagogical University of Durango, México  with honorable mention and obtaining the first place of her generation - in 2005.
Lidia or “Lily”, as the young generation of students of the Montessori Training Center she leads in her hometown like to call her, worked for 16 uninterrupted years in relation with kids - since she was 19 - as a Guide with children from 0 to 12 years old. Lidia directed the Thomas Jefferson Bilingual Private School in Torreón, Coahuila, México. She has worked as a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana teaching subjects as Observation techniques, Philosophy, Montessori Materials, Design of Montessori Environments within the Bachelor of Education.

In 2012 she founded "Colectivo el Colibrí", an organization of which she is still a Director and Professor, and which is responsible for the formation of Montessori Guides with a semi-face-to-face approach, which has the mission of professionalizing all adults that work with children, independent of the pedagogy operating in the institution. Currently, El Colibrí has 8 generations graduated from Casa de Niños, one of Young Children's Community, counting as well as more than 50 people graduated from the Training Center.
Lidia completed a Master's Degree in Middle Education at the Professional Pedagogical Institute of Torreón, her hometown, and has participated in several congresses on training and human development and also introduction to Waldorf pedagogy. In her free time Lidia enjoys studying, reading, writing, listening to music and spending time with all the men in her house: her husband and her 4 children. He likes cats, loves plants and learning about new relaxation and meditation routines. Currently, Lidia works as Management Consultant, Academic Coordinator and Guide for Young Children's Community and Children's House at La Tribu Preschool.



When I was five years old I always dreamt of becoming a teacher, but as I grew older choices changed. Little did I know that 28 years later I was going to love teaching. After working for the restaurant business for more than a decade, I decided to shift  into something more meaningful. Living in Texas for almost twenty years I realized the importance of being bilingual, so I decided I wanted to teach Spanish to preschoolers. I was given the opportunity to  work as an assistant at a Montessori preschool, I fell in love with the philosophy and was inspired by an amazing lead teacher who was generous enough to share her knowledge and love of teaching. I especially enjoy working with the 3-6 year old group because I get to witness the independence and confidence children experience in a Montessori environment. 

I believe I can make an impact in the lives of the children I work with, I want to help shape their lives and share my culture and Spanish language with them. 

In my free time I love spending time with my children and husband, I love chocolate, reading, doing arts and crafts, going to the park and volleyball.




With a background in Performing Arts, Originally from Argentina, I’ve been living in Austin for 2 years. Right after I arrived, I started watching 2 3-month-old babies. At that time, I was finally able to put in practice a vocation that I knew I had since my older kids were born, but had never had a chance to do professionally. Since then, I have been watching multiple babies and toddlers, which makes me extremely happy. Between us, there’s an immediate connection. Even though I don’t have a professional training as a teacher, since I studied architecture and French, I have the experience that life provides by having 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  I have plenty of time to dedicate myself to them and a lot of patience. I look forward to learning whatever it takes to make my time at La Tribu a success. I like to travel, doing crafts, and story-telling. I love life…and chocolate!!



Teacher Assistant

Otanis obtained her bachelor's degree in education of Science in Mathematics in Manzanillo, Cuba. After she got her degree in computer science, she worked as a computer teacher in high school grades.  She remained involved in the computer science field during 10 years, giving conferences and workshops in Cuba. In 2006 when she moved to Mexico, she started working as a preschool teacher, having an excellent experience in the preschool system, interacting with parents and families. Once in the US, she continued her studies getting certified as EDTC 1094 Paraeducator  ( Teacher Aide ), Child Development associate to Bilingual Children, Nutritional Education Program and Substitute Teacher for Austin ISD, where she worked with PreK 4, K and 1st grade students.

Otanis likes to describe herself as easy going. She likes dancing, listening to music, going out into the nature, growing plants in her backyard and spending time with family and friends. She claims she doesn’t like to cook but her Cuban rice is the best in the entire world.



Teacher Assistant

She prefers to go by “Laura”. Laura studied at the Normalista School for Teachers in the city of Montemorelos in the state of Nuevo León, México. She studied for a period of four years before obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Primary Education.  Originally from Montemorelos, she has been in Austin for the past 16 years. She is a wife and mother of three children, one “quinceañera” and a pair of 9 yo twins. In her free time Laura enjoys cooking and making crafts.



Volunteer - Support Teacher

Carlos Ceniceros has a bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Durango, México where he graduated with honors. He is also trained as a Montessori Guide for the ages 3-6 and 6-9yo.  He worked as the Academic Director at the Torreón Montessori Academy and also provided workshops in Montessori education for children with learning disabilities. Over the last six years, he has led outreach programs for the public education system in rural Mexico.  Carlos is an avid futbol player, loves to work on cars and is an outdoor enthusiast. We are lucky to have Carlos with us and hope to learn a lot from his broad experience in education and as a parent with four boys. He joined our team recently as a constant support not only with school and classroom needs, but also as a sub teacher and summer camp teacher. Oh, and he has been married to Lidia - our Lead Guide and Academic Coordinator - for 24 years now.

All Our Teachers are NATIVE Spanish speakers, contributing to the richness of the language acquisition and cultural experience with accents from several different countries.


La Tribu is the place for your child to grow learning about diversity.




The monthly tuition rates  for the 2019-2020 year are as follows:                                      

Other REQUIRED Fees:

Waiting Pool Application Fee: $85            (Non-refundable. This fee DOES NOT guarantee a spot, it gives priority of enrollment once an opening is available)

New Student Enrollment fee: $350              (One time, non-refundable, due upon confirmation of availability from wait list)

Annual Supply Fee: $180                   (Due every September - pro-rated for new students who start after March 1st - non refundable)

Re- Enrollment Fee: $150         (Due every FEBRUARY 15th  - non-refundable)

 Current Student Summer Camp Fee: $50         (Due every FEBRUARY 15th  - non-refundable)

 New Student Summer Camp Fee: $100         ( non-refundable)

10% Sibling Discount: Siblings have priority in our wait list and a 10% tuition discount over full time schedules ONLY. The discount is calculated over the base tuition full time and not over the extended care rates nor over fees.

 We reserve the right to do tuition updates

Payment: personal check (NSF Fee: $35). We don’t accept credit cards.

La Tribu Preschool will be closed on the following holidays:

MLK Day, Spring Break (1 week), Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Holiday (One Week), Winter Break (2 weeks) - We are closed the first week of each month during SUMMER CAMP  - Please ask the office about Summer Camp pricing   

Tuition is not discounted on the basis of Holidays or personal vacations, without exceptions.




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August 26th - 30th: NO SCHOOL FOR KIDS - Classroom set-up and teacher training



LA TRIBU will be closed up to four (4) days per calendar year for Staff Trainings (to be determined and communicated to parents with at least two weeks notice). Here is the most up to date school calendar 2019-2020. Please be advised that La Tribu reserves the right to change some of these dates with sufficient notice.

September 2019

  • Tuesday 3rd - 1st Day of Classes

November 2019

  • Monday 11th - No School for Kids / Parent - Teacher Conferences /  Childcare is provided

  • Monday 25th - Friday 29th - Thanksgiving Break

December 2019 - January 2020

  • Monday 23rd - January Friday 3rd - Winter Break

January 2020

  • Monday 6th - Classes resume - Second Semester starts

  • Monday 20th - MLK Day - Staff Development - No School for Kids

March 2020

  • Monday 16th - Friday 20th - Spring Break

April 2020

  • Friday April 10th - School is Closed

  • April 13th - 30th - Classrooms Observations

  • Monday 27th - No School for Kids / Parent - Teacher Conferences /  Childcare is provided

May 2020

  • Memorial Day - 25th May  - School is Closed

June 2020

  • Thursday 25th - Graduation Ceremony

  • Friday 26th - Last Day of School Year

July 2020

  •  Summer Curriculum

August 2020

  • Monday 3rd - Friday 14th - Summer Break - School is Closed

  • Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th - Staff Development - No School for Kids

  • Wednesday 19th - First Day of 2020-2021 School Year



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